How can i make a timer going backwards

so i want to add a invisable timer going backwards, and if the timers up, it switch to the next scene, how can i do it

Hi! The timer goes always forward, but with the equation [TotalTime]-[ElapsedTime] you get the remaining time.

Here is a simple example, where you can define the total time before scene change to the global variable “TotalTime”. When the time is up, the scene is changed. Text object “TimeRemaining” shows the remaining time, rounded to integer.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

But I’m just curious, if the timer is invisible, does it matter if it goes backwards? As pointed out, we can give the timer an appearance of going backwards, so that when the player sees it reach 0 it changes the scene. But if it’s invisible, we might as well just say, timer reaches 5 seconds, change scene.

i can but it if i did, some extension will not work if i did, plus i tried it, this is why i need it to go backwards.
and i don’t know how

I am confused, what i am doing to change the variable,