How can i make an infinite static background?

Hello. I saw the example about “infinite scrolling background” i searched for on old posts here and i tried to make some modifications to it but i can’t achieve what i want for my project. In my game the camera is changing constantly with timedelta. Any idea on how can i make a static background image even though the camera is moving all the time? . Thank you for your time :slight_smile:.

Create a new layer, position the layer below the default layer and add the background to the new layer. Because you move the camera on the base layer and not on the new layer the background will always stay in position and doesn’t move. Similar to as you display score and life except in this case you move the layer below the base layer.

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Thank you so much my friend ! i have tried that before but i did not get it because the order herarchy of the layers was not the appropiate. But when you said it i gave it a second look. Thanks again, Have a great day ! :slight_smile: