How can i make two different Text entry on same scene

I m working and i cant figured out that how to make two text entry with different entries on same scene . i have tried but when i write something. it writres same on both text entries

You need to create 2 different text entry with texts objects

But how???

Just as you have created a text/text entry, you create another, in the right menu at the end of the list

Scene Editor [GDevelop wiki] (objects editor section)

I’ve never used text entry, but how about adding condition to enable or disable the text entry object?
Something like “If mouse is on textEntry1” then enable textEntry1, same for textEntry2.

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Thanks and one thing also
Can a storage name be like a variable.String??

I think so. It might be saved as “variable.String”, but I’ve never used storage like that before

Got it Thanks for help

I have checked what you have said. The best way to make 2 text entries is to create 2 different text objects with different variables. As the other user said, you will need to write when the field is clicked. To achieve this you will need to add some conditions (text clicked)

That’s how i have done it:


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