How can I merge two sprites with each other?


How can I merge two sprites with each other?

I have used link action at the begining of the scene but still they are not merged!


What do you mean by merging sprites?

I mean link two sprites together or join two sprites.
For instance, when you move one of them, the other performs the same task.

The link action just bond two objects “programatically” not visually. It means that you can easily refer to the linked objects of an specific object by using the condition “Take into account all linked objects”.

In fact, you can use this to achieve what you want: once you identify the linked objects you can update their position to a new closer to the main object, so the linked objects are going to follow the main object.

I also think there’s an extension that can do what you want, but you have to look for it.

Use the sticker extension

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It’s currently working, but how can I attach the main object to more than one object?

In the same way you did it with just one, but repeating the actions for more objects.

You don’t. You stick the other objects to the main one.