How can I offer the Google games service?

Hello, I am using translator in case there are typos. I want to offer the Google games service in my game, so that the person can save the game data. Is there a chance of doing it? Thanks in advance. I am using a translator in case there are typos.

As of now, there is no way I am aware of, as you would need a cordova plugin but the few I have ever seen for that are so outdated that they are not accepted on the play store anymore

Muchas gracias!
Quiero ofrecer una manera de guardado en la nube, para que el jugador aunque desinstale el juego, no pierda el progreso.

I’m sorry, I do not speak spanish. Though, if cloud saves is what you want you can probably add those by giving your own service through a database like Firebase Cloud Firestore.

Forgiveness. Forgot to translate to English. Perfect. Thanks. I’m going to do it then with firebase. Thank you very much for your help.