How can I optimize my game if there are about 100 thousand objects in it?

I am creating a game. In this game, every time you start a level randomly generated planets. 40,500 small, 25,000 medium, 15,000 large. It also randomly generates 10,000 enemies. All this is in the size of the territory x300000 y300000. How can I optimize the game? Also, if this is important, then these planets have their own events. Maybe you can do something so that the part that the player does not see does not load itself? Thanks!

i doubt you can show all the planets at the same time so i gueess it is as a big level.
Why don’t you divide your "world’ into different scenes? This will reduce the number of objects per scene.
Maybe you could explain more about the game so we can help you better


Unfortunately, that level of content management is not possible in GDevelop. Everything get loaded, and all events being triggered for every single instances present in the scene. Open world, sandbox type of games is something that I can not recommend to use GDevelop for.

However, as xisco mentioned, you can divide your game in to multiple scenes, what I would do is to make the transition between scenes at places that look the same and that way you don’t break the illusion of an open-world game. In case you are making a space game, it should be not a problem, all you need is pitch black empty space at the edge of each scene :eyes:

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