How can I Pixelize a font?

I want to make a stand-alone retro version of my game in low-res in an easy way just rescaling assets reducing size and scaling again to the original size to make it pixelate.

The fonts cannot increase their pixel size since they are vectorized. Do you know an easy way to pixelate the font,being able to adjust the exact pixel size? a method alternative to shader effect of layers, I prefer a passive method instead an real time effect.

There are font editors but they don’t seem to allow you to pixelate the letters. Do you know an editor that allows you to pixelate the letters?

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Have you tried the pixelate layer/object effect? That may get close to what you are looking for.


I was looking for a way to convert the letters in an editor but I am going to choose your option because it is so well valid.

I am not happy with the result since the game has the appearance of low resolution but everything moves in high resolution and it’s stupidly complicated to do something that can be done in just a second just by changing the resolution from Windows to 640x480p(4:3) or 853x480p(16:9) for example

I can’t believe that Gdevelop can scale the game with zoom out(window mode) in 240p for example and it is not possible to rescale to fullscreen that window, why?

In case it’s not possible I imagine the answer is going to be “no, it’s not possible, use pixelate effect”, but is there a way that Gdevelop changes the native desktop resolution like Game Maker used to do?

You’re going to have to give more context. Your sentence here doesn’t fully make sense.

GDevelop only does what you tell it to do, in regards to scaling. If you have your game set to resize based off window resolution in the preferences, it will do that. If you don’t have that checked in your settings, the game will only resize the window, not the resolution, when you full screen.

No clue what you’re referencing here, can’t give you an answer on that.

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Example: we have a desktop running in 1080p and the game natively have been designed in 1080p and we are running it in a window of 1280x720p just like the picture. If Gdevelop can resize the game native of 1080p in a window of 720p just like the picture, why Gdevelop can’t resize that same window of 720p to 1080p making the pixel bigger or streching? I mean the hard part is already done, I only want stretch to fullscreen.

Game Make old versions could temporarily change the windows desktop resolution while the game is running to whatever you wanted: 320x240p, 640x480p, 800x600p, 1280x720p, etc.

Again, I’m not sure what you are trying to ask for here. This is already how the engine works. Unless you tell it otherwise, when you fullscreen the game, the rendered resolution doesn’t change, but the window and game will graphically get scaled up along with the new window size

In your game properties, so long as you have the checkbox empty at the top here, when you fullscreen the window (F11 in preview, or if you have a fullscreen button set up), the game will be scaled up to fit your screen. The internal resolution is still 640x360, just stretched to whatever size screen you have.

Please keep in mind that GDevelop isn’t GameMaker, nor is it trying to be, so it doesn’t matter what old versions of GameMaker did.

While you cannot change the Windows Operating System desktop resolution as part of GDevelop (GDevelop runs in electron and Electron cannot access that functionality natively), you can change your game’s window size (Window Resolution) when not fullscreen, or native resolution (internal resolution it renders at)

Window resolution is changed by this action:

Internal render resolution is changed by this action:

the reason of this thread.

So it is a limitation. A lot of 2D engines can run the game in different resolution in fullscreen.

So it is a limitation. A lot of 2D engines can run the game in different resolution in fullscreen.

I understand that you want to defend Gdevelop but not trying to discredit me.

To be clear, your original post that started this thread was asking how to rescale assets, which doesn’t have anything to do with changing game/desktop resolutions. Additionally, this response still doesn’t explain what you’re actually trying to ask for.

I think there may be a terminology issue here. I’m posting to provide more information and detail, trying to answer the questions and clear up the confusion, as it seemed like you were asking why GDevelop isn’t doing what GameMaker did, even though they’re wholly unrelated engines. Your post made it sound like you thought GameMaker was an old version of GDevelop. None of this has to do with discrediting you.

To clarify more, since it seems like there’s a terminology problem going on, or something you’re not connecting with:

  1. Can GDevelop change the game’s internal rendering resolution regardless of your computer’s desktop resolution? (Fullscreen or otherwise)
    • Yes. This is what the “Change resolution of the game” action does. Keep in mind your game assets may appear smaller if you change to a larger resolution, depending on your internal rendering resolution. If you want to keep objects the same size you’ll need to zoom in with an inverse factor to whatever new resolution. (If your game is 320x180, and you change the internal resolution to 1920x1080 (6x larger), you’ll need to zoom all of your layers in 6x to keep the same visual size as before)
  2. Can GDevelop change the window resolution of the game?
    • Yes. This is what the “Change the size of the game window” action does. So long as your project is not set up to also change the game resolution based off the window size (the checkbox mentioned in my above post), your game itself (and all assets) will scale up and down in size depending on the window size.
  3. Can GDevelop scale the assets up when fullscreening the game?
    • Yes. Even if your game is a small resolution like 320x180, so long as you have the checkbox mentioned above unchecked, when you fullscreen the game (F11 key in preview, or a fullscreen button you’ve set up in your game via events), the game and all assets will be scaled up to match whatever size the desktop resolution. The internal resolution will still be 320x180, but the canvas resolution will be stretched to fit the desktop resolution. This will enlarge all assets visual appearance to you (the viewer), but the actual assets are still the same size in the renderer. This will mean that they will state proportionate to the rest of the game window as they did previously, but snice the game window is larger, they also appear larger.
  4. Can GDevelop change the computer’s desktop resolution?
    • No. GDevelop is an game engine that uses HTML5 and other web technologies, and just like your desktop browser cannot force your computer to change resolutions, neither can HTML5 engines, at least not natively. This is the same in Construct 3, Phaser, CTjs, and other HTML5 engines.

Have you tried using Photoshop and exporting your texts as a PNG?

For example, in the following game, all fonts are actually PNG files.

Wittee Game Apps
Life Lessons - Wasting Food

2 kids go on an adventure with a Panda to save a town from starvation.

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I have discarded the option to modify the source and assets since it is a cheap effect because everything moves in a different resolution than the one with the pixelated effect.

Gedevelop is focus in HTML5 so it is not the recommened engine to make non-browser PC games.

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Pixel fonts, often known as screen or bitmap fonts , are made out of little square shapes known as pixels. It shows letters in basic blocks rather than complicated curves, as most regular fonts do.

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