How can I prevent the extension of the Text element?

I am studying the yarn dialog system. And I don’t like that the text element is stretched by the amount of text. Is it possible to scroll the text, but not change the size of the text element? Thank you in advance!

I don’t remember something like that happening🤔

I believe you need to hide the bottom of the text, and then let the user scroll by moving the necessary layer/camera.

Text automatically resizes to the dimensions of the content. However, I believe if you set a custom size in the scene editor, it will wrap to that size.

This is the text box stretched to a fixed size

This is is a single, long line, wrapping where I set the text box too.

However, you need to know the maximum lines you want visible in your text box then, and make sure your dialogue doesn’t have more than that many lines, otherwise you end up with this:

You can hide any overflow using a mask, as done in the leaderboards example.