How can I set multiple resolutions like Celeste?

I’m making a pixel art game but I want high res images to be shown sometimes (like Celeste photos and cutscenes). Which way is the best to achieve that?

It’s done, but that’s not exactly what I meant, I want to know how can I have different resolutions for different scenes. By example: A cutscene would be 1280x720 and the main game scene 426x240. Which is the best way to achieve that once that the resolution setting is the same for the entire project?

Adding cinematic bars would do the trick :wink:

Currently, multiple resolutions is not possible in GDevelop.

In my project, I use 16x16 sprites, scaled up X4 to be 64x64. You can scale up pixel sprites in piskel to keep their sharpness. I then run my entire game at 1280 x 720, so if I need more hi-def images or effects I don’t need to change anything.

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What do you mean about cinematic bars? Could you explain please?

As what @convictedweirdo said, multiple resolutions is not possible in Gdevelop, but there are tricks you can do to make it look “happen”. In my case, I use cinematic bars to create an illusion that the screen is in a lower resolution. Cinematic bars are usually used in cinematography to achieve cinematic looks, those are the black bars you see when you watch some movies.

When you say scale up, do you do that in the scene editor or dynamically depending on the resolution chosen?

I draw the sprites at 16x16, and then resize the sprite in piskel to 64x64 before saving. This way I don’t need to manage scaling within the engine or the scene editor.