How can I switch between 2 scenes without resetting?

I’m trying to make a space game where you’ll need to do research to go to space.
I placed all those research stuff in a different scene.

Launch Site (Main) scene

Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 00.51.44
Research scene

Every time I research something and go bck the the lauch site scene the research scene get resets. How can I prevent it?

Solution I used:
Instead of making them different scenes, use layers. You could hide and unhide the layers.

Hey there! You may want to have anything you want to keep consistent when switching scenes set as global variables. Under your project settings (top left) there is an option to set up global variables. As you do your research in one scene you could set the variables and when you return to that scene set everything according to those stored variables. It will still reset when you close and reopen the game. Thats where youd have to follow a game saving tutorial to write to a JSON file.

What are you trying to keep exactly?

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Nevermind. I found another way to fix it. Thanks for your help tho

Can you post your solution for anyone else who may read this with the same issue/question?

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Instead of making them different scenes, I used different layers. You could hide and unhide the layers