How can i use clipboard for Android phone

Hello , I want to use clipboard to make player copy code in android but the extension i got is only working on my laptop

Unfortunately the user-made clipboard extension is desktop only. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to use the clipboard for Android.

If not…is there anyway i can directly share an online genarated id though whatsapp etc

Actually m making multiplayer horror escape game for android …i already made d game and using heroku server i created a online multiplayer system

But now the issue is when someone creates a room he gets a code generated by server and if his friends want to join they have to input that code

The problem is the code is something 14 character long

( 1178daf5-23e1-4683-a7d9-5213108a1256 like this )

This would be irritating for player to type and send…if u have any solution it would be helpful.
Thanks for your time :dizzy:

If your game uses p2p, you can change the way IDs are generated to get smaller IDs: GitHub - peers/peerjs-server: Server for PeerJS

exactly i want this but i am new its my 3rd game and 1st multiplayer game …i m not understanding how to do…if you can tell me step by step …or some articles which tells how to achieve this step by step …i would be a lot helpful.

Sorry for troubling and thanks a lot for replying :dizzy:

As i know, the clipboard extension is updated and should work on android phones. I haven t tested it, but i heard it works now