How can I use Gdevelop with my development team?

Hey, i recently started to create games with my development team and we chose tu use Gdevelop but, is there a solution to use it with them in real time?

There is no proper real time online development for groups.
If that is a priority, you might want to check out superpowers.

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Thanks for your reply. By the way, if i use the online method with Google Drive, the saves of the other member will saved on reload of the page?

Idk, the online version is not fully featured and is not suited for proper development.

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Oh, ok i will try, thank you for your time

Unfortunately, like most game engines, there isn’t any full collaboration available within GDevelop.

However, you can work as a team on different parts of the game, so long as you’re using “Multiple Files” mode for your project, and use Github to sync your project between the team.

Here’s a basic tutorial on setting up github desktop with a GDevelop project. How to backup and maintain your project using GitHub and GitHub Desktop [GDevelop wiki]