How Can I Use simulate for my character properly

Hey there, this is my first time working with G develop. I was basically making this game and i was working on its character movements. I didn’t want my character to use the default movements so i decided to use “simulate buttons” I learned how to properly use the simulate buttons and it works when i try it in the platformer demo, however when i use it in my own game, my character nor my hittbox moves. I was wondering if i am doing anything wrong ? or how can i use different buttons to do the same moving and jumping function? and also yes the default control is off my hitbox character is just doesn’t move

This is my example that doesnt work :

this is the platformer example that i used simulate in, and it works perfectly :

Player animation picture plz

The condition "W key is pressed " have a red arrows, this mean this condition are revert.
Right click on it and click on “Invert condition”

i fixed that but the thing is none of my movement keys are working
its like the hitbox i designed doesn’t move
i have this as a sprite with no behavior but my hitbox is the actual object with behaviors
and also this is my animation for character :

Could you upload the project so we can see the problem by ourselves and what you did exactly to help to find a solution?

Make sure that your hitbox has the platformer behavior.

it does it still doesn’t work the way it suppose to, also for the other comment from @arthuro555 how should i upload it?

@Gruk It does work, but only with the default controls, none of the simulation keys works at all.

You zip your project folder and upload it