How change colour of sprite to indicate damage?

Hi, I tried changing global colour of sprite but I want sprite’s colour to revert back to it’s original colour after 3 seconds, I tried setting timer but I don’t know how revert back to original colour value. How to do it?


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This is the code I used but still couldn’t get the result I wanted. It just turns blue very 3 seconds.

Result I was looking for was when collusion happens it turn colour for 3 seconds and turns back to original colour

I think you need to move your reset to the other event.


Tried it,didn’t work

Add a trigger once condition below the collision condition.

Did do it but, But colour changes only at first collision only!
The are multiple asteroids.

Don’t know if you solved, but in aany case you need to put the planet part inside a foreach planet like
1 -Foreach planet
2 - if planet is in collision with asteroid
2 - Trigger Once
Change color
reset Timer
Hope this help

Tried it didn’t work. I also tried for each asteroid and got the same results

Try this should work, if not maybe is something in your other events

If you are looking for a blinking effect then you need to use two timers: one is for the overall blinking lapse, the another is for the blinking intermittency during the blinking lapse.