How change properties of an object from it's name not .....

Actually i want to change the x-position of an object not from the list but form it’s name
see in image “choose an object” i want to give string like “shape1” as an object name i hope so u understand my problem
Please reply i stucked

You can’t, as it would imply to decrease a lot the game engine performance, it would make games harder to debug and it’s not the right way to do. It would even prevent GD to automatically rename your object in events when you rename it in the objects list, because you used expressions to refer to it.
Instead, put all objects shapes here in a group do something like this:

Conditions : Consider a random shapesGroup Actions : Set X position of shapesGroup to ...

Of course, shapesGroup must contain your 3 shapes objects. :slight_smile:
And you can change the condition to compare for example a variable. For example, change objects variables so that every shape has a variable called shapeId containing 1,2 or 3, and then do:

Conditions : Variable shapeId of shapesGroup is = Random(2)+1 Actions : Set X position of shapesGroup to ...

This way you can change the X position of every shape1, shape2 or shape3.

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Thanks u very much

Just one more question that how to define custom collision mask of objects of Physics Automation
I want to define triangle mask i did it in standard visual collision mask editor but not Works

Any way’s U really develop a great software it’s not only suitable for non-coders but also advances the skills of programmers I already maked two games in this application

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Custom physic masks (only for the physic engine) are not available for HTML5 games, only for natives ones. :wink:

is there any way to define triangle collision mask for Physics Automation objects by Gdeveop API or through Javascript coding or some thing like that…