How do I add a cutscene?

Hello there. I’m trying to create an experimental cutscene. And I am trying to do this by loading Video object. Tutorials on youtube and the forum say that it is in this direction. But even if I resize the video to the desired dimensions, the video does not work on the preview screen. Please does anyone have a detailed explanation on this topic? Thanks in advance.

The topic is current. Does anyone have information?

Do you have a scene with only the video on it, and events that if a particular input occurs (touch , mouse click keypress etc), then the video is stopped and the next scene is opened?

Can you provide a screen shot of how you do it at currently?

And how large is the video (Mb, not dimensions)?

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From where are you loading it? (the video)

something like this:

I’m installing from gdevelop?

I think these kinds of cutscenes are made by using animation. LIke there (didn’t watched the whole video, or tutorial maybe), I think there is a Punching and Laughing animation for the Boss and a gettingPunched and bossFinishedPunchingNowIShould_fly animation for the Punching Bag. And using some timers with the change animation action should do the trick.

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What @Muzan has briefly described is how it appears be done via program in video link you provided (I too haven’t viewed the whole thing, but the first bit strongly points to this).

However, you said you had a video that wasn’t showing. Could you give us a screen snip of your events that load and play the video?