How do I add a pitfall to a constantly moving tiled platform?

How do I add a pitfall to a constantly moving tiled platform?

The platform constantly moves from right to left (X axis, negative increments), based on a variable that gets multiplied by a difficulty modifier every 5 seconds.

I want to spawn an object that shows the background and bypasses the platforms “Platformer” behavior, causing the player to fall if they don’t jump when it comes by.

I’ve experimented with masking and some extensions for masking, but I can’t get it to work, and I think I just have the wrong idea with how it work.

Can anyone help get me on the right track to accomplishing this?

If i understand correctly, you need to disable the platform when an object passes over it, and that object will make it basically invisible where it overlaps? Well, the best i can think of is disable the behaviour and hide it when it overlaps. Or, you could try masking it with a shape painter

Why mask the object? You can hide it and it will still interact with other objects and events? If it’s hidden then how does the player know that they need to jump? Does the collision between the object and the player or the platform trigger the player to drop or get knocked off a platform or the platform to disappear ?

So I think there is a moving object that maskes platforms it overlaps with, and disables the platform behaviour on the object it touches, right @IanKAJG ?