How do I add ammo to fire bullet extension?

I’m trying to get a gun object to increase its ammo when I trigger an event, I’ve tried the Change ammo quantity and Max ammo but it’s not working.

It still fires 3 shots so when an event trigger it’s supposed to add 1 to the ammo.

1 - When your max ammo is 3 and you add 1 ammo to it then it will still be 3 because you can hold only 3 ammo at a time
2 - When you increase MAX ammo to 4 from 3 then you still have 3 ammo because you changed how much ammo you CAN HOLD and not how much you have atm
3 - 1st you increase MAX ammo then you add 1 to ammo quantity and now you have more than 3 ammo

For auto setting current ammo to max ammo you can do this next to changing max ammo

But problem is even if you have half of your ammo like you can hold 10 but you have 5 and you increase max ammo to 15
Then you won’t have 5/15 but 15/15