How do i add custom movement

Just got started in Gdevelop. I am trying to make custom control for my character like running and jumping. I turn off default control. I trying to get my character to moving right and left with “A” and “D”. I kinda stuck and I don’t see any video online explaining it.


You need to add an event for each different key press, and as an action use simulate pressing [key]:


Thanks, and how do you flip your character back and forth? I having trouble with that as well

You’ve made a mistake with the event. Each event is made up of conditions that need to be true, and actions that are all performed if the conditions are met. You’ve combined 2 different events into 1. You’ve got the 2 conditions, a and d keys pressed in the same event. So they both need to be held before both the actions (flip yes & flip no) are performed. Both actions will be performed, one after the other. The last action is the one you will see.

Split them into 2 separate events. They are 2 different things.

Thanks you all so my character is flipping back and forth but it not clean at all. He like teleporting back and forth instead of a simple flip.

  1. Get rid of those trigger once conditions.
  2. put the two flip actions in the screen shot into the event about each one.
  3. Can you expand the flip character event group? That could be where the issue is.