How do I add Discord Rich Presence into my game?

I would like to add Discord Rich Presence into my game. I saw a post about the same thing, but it looks like no one understood what Rich Presence was.
I’m looking to do something like this. It’s easy to do in other engines because there are a lot of community-made plugins, but I couldn’t find any for GDevelop. However, I found this GitHub page of Discord RPC for JavaScript.

I’m a complete beginner in JavaScript and I don’t know how to add Discord RPM to my game. Please tell me if it’s possible or not.
Thanks in advance!

Not really sorry. Discord-RPC does not work in a browser environment, only in a node environment. Sadly, even though there is node integration in the electron renderer process, it is still considered a web browser by Discord-RPC and it does not work. You could modify your exported files to run the code in the main process js file, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you know very well what you are doing.

Do do this on your desktop builds you need a application in a diffrent language(vb .net, c# something that can interact with local apis) loaded with Rich Presence. This app doesent do anything it just launches your game and shows the text of a txt file to the Rich Presence of discord. I dont know how to code the application in the diffrent language but you can search it up

Again, it isn’t impossible but you have to modify your GDevelop installation. It isn’t easy but it is easier than making a whole wrapper application.