How do I add google translate to my game?

How can I add google translate to my game? I want to make my game accessible and understandable for everyone! I have many levels and there is a lot of text, and if I sit and translate myself it will take a lot of time, and I will still not translate into all languages, if I translate into everything I just might not have enough life …

How do I add google translate to my game?

you cant sadly cant, you would have too go through and do it yourself

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If you start to look into i18n and L10n (Internationalization / Localization) a little more you’ll find that from your perspective as a programmer that the translation is actually not the hardest part.
You’ll need to have designed your application to never use hard coded strings.
Instead you’ll need to use a message catalog, where every string that you display is KEY that you lookup in the catalog with a value that is the associated string output.
Then in your application you will pull your string values from the current catalog using the KEYs.
Then you copy that catalog for each localization (language) you want to support.
The KEYs are the same in each catalog but the values are changed to the translated and localized values.
Then if you want to change languages you just change the catalog that you pull the key values from.
If you do all of that, then the translation is pretty easy because you can just use a website to convert the original catalog file with all the strings into a different language (just make sure the KEYs don’t get modified).

FYI I decided that for my first game this was not worth the effort and am making my game english only… but that’s not to say that non-english speakers can’t enjoy it… but it’s really tough to go back and replace all of your strings with Catalog lookups… if you decided to do all that work let me… maybe it will encourage me to do the same :slight_smile: