How do I allow the player to create entire new variables

I have a game with quests. Though some quests are noted automatically, the player can take notes about literally anything. Or that’s the idea. There will be two scenes, meaning either the notes must be global string variables, or there must be a limited number of notes, which are global objects. I prefer the idea of as many notes as are needed, so I would like to know how a player could add new global string variables to a global array. I’m pretty sure this is done for leaderboards, right?

The expected result is that there will be the first few words of the note followed by “…” and the length of a scroll bar on the right side of the screen will be the global number var. for the amount of notes x 25px. Clicking on each note will lead to it, and then I can allow notes to be edited, read, or saved from there. I can handle all that or figure it out pretty well, if I know how to do the thing this question is about, but it’s that that I don’t know.

Correct me if I’m missing something here. If the text has been entered via a text object, then you can do it with:


that appears as if it can be done. I’m going to see if i can’t test it.