How do I animate a sprite?

Say a have a sprite like below. What is the best way to animate it, infinite rotate like a circular saw? Do it inside Gdevelop, which is then the best action/extension? Create an animation and export as multiple png frames, what is the easiest software for this? Gif animations are too low quality.

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You should need only 2 frames of transparent PNG for the animation.
Open it up in an image editing program like Photoshop or paint.NET, use Magic Wand to remove the background, rotate it 7.5 degrees and you should have a convincing 2-frame animation. (It’s best if you find an image with an already-transparent background though)

You also might want to look into image points, so the hitbox is more like a circle than a big square around the image.

move the origin point to the center of the sprite, then create an event to rotate the sprite by TimeDelta * speed