How do I apply actions only to an object instance?

Basic premise:
I basically have objects running around from left to right on a platform. Where it faces(left or right) is dependent on the variable number I give it(either 1 or -1). More objects of the same type is spawned through a left-click

The problem I’m having is that when a new instance of the object is created, the left/right variable applies to all objects in the scene meaning they all move in the same direction

How do I set up the scene so that when I create a new instance, that instance would have it’s own left or right variable assigned to it so it never really moves at the exact same way as all the other instances?

When you create the object on LMB click, are you setting the left/right variable in the same action box or as a sub event of that condition? If not, then the variable change be applied to all objects, not just the newly created one.