How do i apply force to an object in the direction it is pointing

is it possible to apply force to an object in the direction it points not being determined by x or y but let’s say it rotates 80 90 or 120 etc degrees is there any expression or behavior to make this object move in the direction of its own axis? everything I’ve tried makes it turn into a figetspiner (I need the rotation so I can’t take the rotation off

When using forces with Physics (as you mentioned in another post), make sure you are applying the force to the mass centre of the object.

What are the events you have? Can you screen snip and post them? And include the action edited, like this:


thankyou dude it works i just change angle - 90 using angle next step is turn left and right tô give de direction os rocket I started with gdevelope this week and I’m still adapting i really appreciate your help.


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You may find it gets a bit messy if you need to adding or subtract 90 from the angles throughout your events. Consider rotating your images (the actual png/jpg file, not the GDevelop object) so it faces to the right. It makes all the physics and angle calculations simpler.

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