How do i Board game this way

Good morning, could someone help me.

I want to create a board game with a maximum of 4 players. however it can be chosen how many players must have.

players must be manually moved. however, there are special squares in which, if the player stays on top of these squares, he returns or advances automatically. but before auto-advancing play a video.

I actually have a test project similar to this. It uses the linkedTools behavior. It was difficult for me to understand at first but simple now. You create a link object over the current tiles and link them. The tiles need to be on a grid but otherwise it will link them no matter which side the next tile is on. You then link a start and end object to the group. The behavior then moves an object from tile to tile.

project: (click the green [code button] and download zip

Try it: Every time you click the button, it moves the target sprite to the next square.

EDIT: I needed to update the project. I had removed what I thought was an unneeded pick all players it was needed. So, I put it back in.

The Linked Objects Tools extension has actions to help build a grid but using a grid is not a requirement.

In my example. The tiles have to be laid out in a grid pattern, side by side, top to bottom. They are then linked with the Link to neighbors on a rectangular grid action. yes, the extension can be used without a grid.

thanks everyone!! i will test!!! tankssssssssss

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