How do I bring modifications from GDCore to GDJS

Hey @4ian If I make modifications to GDCore how do I bring them to GDJS then to newIDE? Thanks!

Hmmm, my lbGD.js seems not correct. The newIDE Crashes when loading it and it doesn’t resemble the one here. For example, the beginning of mine is like this: Emscripten result libGD.js beginning of file -
Does someone knows how to fix this? There wasn’t any errors while compiling GDevelop.js.

(Oh, and Cmake won’t run two times I have to reinstall it each time I want to rebuild it)

I think my compiler is broken. I reinstalled everything but it still doesn’t work. I sthere a specific version of emscripten needed? Could someone try to build it to see if it is my modifications or my compiler?

Hard to tell without any error message or information. Paste here all the logs from the terminal. Be sure to follow exactly the information indicated in the README.

Oh, the error probably comes from my version of emscripten. Anyways, solved it by lettiung circle ci build it and upload it as artifact.