How do I can make Nancy Drew games michanics?

Hi! Is it possible to make a Nancy Drew-style game mechanic from Her Interactive?

I had to look it up, so forgive my ignorance if I get something wrong.

Of course it is! Point and Click games seem quite simple as far as game logic goes. To give a few pointers:

  • Use global variables to keep track of inventory, which obkects have been picked up or not. This is so that nothing changes while going to different scenes.
  • Make one scene that commands all logic you’ll need for a single room, then create external layouts. External layouts are like a car chassis without an engine. You can make a bunch of different cars without needing to remake the engine for every single one.

That’s it for now. Ask if you need any further help, we’re a friendly community.

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Thank you! i have another question!
how i can made rotation in center of room with side active objects?

If I am understanding the question correctly: Unfortunately much like the original Nancy Drew games and Myst, if you are wanting to animate the rotation as you move around the room, you will need to use prerendered animation/fmv/video.

that is, only with writing code can create an animation?

No, assuming it’s something like Myst, it’s more that you’d have to render every single action in an external piece of software and then stick it in GDevelop, then create little invisible objects, areas, that serves only as the function of a clickable objects. The graphics would be from a sprite, or mp4, or whatever was pre-rendered.

If you want to do something like Myst that’s 3D in-engine, you’re better off going with a real 3D engine. Perhaps Godot or CopperCube (which I believe doesn’t require code.)


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So keep in mind, Myst (the original) was fully 2D, made in Hypercard.

What they did was pre-render the graphics in a separate art tool (you could do this in Blender), took screenshots, then put them in as the game graphics. You can do the same thing once you have your images by loading them in as sprites in GDevelop. One screen would be one sprite.

They then set up “hotspots” that would activate when you clicked on them (this could just be small single color sprite you would place over your desired “hotspot”) and do whatever events you want to happen based off clicking it.

For transitions, you would still need to create your videos externally, then just load them up as video objects and have them play while you are moving to the next scene/area/etc.

Edit: To clarify, no special code is needed to make this type of game (or Nancy Drew) in GDevelop. You just have to have the ability to make the videos you want outside of the game. The above methodology is ALSO how all of the Nancy Drew games were made until the most 2 recent ones. Before that they were all still images/videos/etc that were made outside of the game engines and then placed appropriately.


I am trying to figure out how to change the frame of a video to pause an animation at a concrete frame, but i can’t…