How do i change a behaviors value using events

I am talking about this

I want to change the running distance

Sadly, as far as I know you cannot, unless the behavior has events built for it specifically (such as platformer).

You need improve the behavior, this behavior can be open, it’s living in an extension in your project manager.

You need add an action in Behavior functions in list on right.
Setup the parameter by adding one field , give him a name and a type: Number. (Set the Label too, this is the description for the field when you edit the action in event.)

Then you can add an event for change the value in the behavior like this.

You see in list at right Function, think to rename it, and in middle of screen you see CONFIGURATION, open it and fill all field, otherwise you didn’t will found the new action in instruction list.

And voilà you have edit an extension for add a custom action for edit the behavior :slight_smile:

Try it and if you need help you have the documentation:

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