How do i change an object into another object?

Im trying to have a platformer character transform into an object, have that object perform an animation, and then tranform it back into the platformer character after the animation ends. would anyone kno how to set this up?

Hi, in Gdevelop objects are the elements that you can add to your scene such as sprites, text objects, tiled sprites etc. The ‘platformer character’- behavior is something that you would add to your player sprite.

The sprite-object with the ‘platformer character’-behavior can do all the animations you have prepared for it.

If you want to disable the ‘platformer character’-behavior for some reasons, you can do that by changing the parameters in the events.


hi drona, thank you for the reply. im actually aware of the sprite options and animations for the player character (im still a bit of a newbie but i understand assigning animations through events to some degree) but for this situation, i specifically need to figure out how to transform 1 object into another object (for example: i press a button and the object A turns into object B). is there a specific event prompt that would make that happen?

What kind of object do you mean, different sprites?

The easiest way to do that would be to store the coordinates of object A, delete it and create object B at the stored position of object A.

Another way would be to have different animations (with your object A and B) for the same sprite and change the animation you need in the events.

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Yea, i meant 2 different sprites. Srry if i didn’t make that clear enough. Your first suggestion sounds like the answer i was looking for tho. I’ll give it a shot. thank u for your help.

Just in case you would like to try the animation-method, you can check this in the ‘retro space shooter’ - example GDevelop 5 There is a space ship that changes to a mech on button press.

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