How do I change the default arrow key to WASD keys for a platformer game?

Hello everyone, I have an idea to make a 2D zombie shooting platformer game, I want to change the default movement key (Arrows keys) to the WASD key, I’ve looked at other topics, but none of them helped me, my question is, can somebody tell me in detail (I mean to show me how to get to the destination I should go to) how to make custom controls?
(If you can put steps images I would be very appreciated).

this is my first post, so please understand that I don’t know Anything about the forums.

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You should maybe simulate the key presses, ex: if W key is pressed, simulate the press of UP arrow. I don’t know if you were asking for this

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What I’m trying to know, is what are the steps I should go through to change to custom controls, I know I must turn off the default controls, but what’s next? which one of these options should I choose

and there is an important thing I forgot to mention, is how can I assign a key for shooting, or punching? and how can I make the zombies follow me, and make them jump if they saw an obstacle in front of them, and of course how can I make them attack me? I know I’m asking for things I should self teach my self, but this is absolutely the first time I use GDevelop.

If you want to make the player jump add “simulate jump”, if you want the player to go right add “simulate left”, etc…

follow this tutorial for bullets :

Here is a link that might help with the enemy follow the player: How to Make Enemy Follow the Player in GDevelop like a Ghost - YouTube

In that video the enemy is floating, you might be able to fix it by making the player a physics object, but, I am not sure.

There are many ways to make the enemy shoot, one is to do it like in this video except we are making the enemy move using the pathfinding behaviour and not move back and forth, How To Create Advanced Enemy AI in GDevelop Free Game Engine - Tutorial - YouTube , another way is to check the distance between the player and the enemy by using the “Distance between” condition

I would recommend you check out this gdevelop wiki as you are starting out as it is really well documented, and if you have any problems or did not find a answer, tou can always ask in the forum, GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]