How do I change this animation?

My little dude works fine when moving right and jumping but when moving left he turns right on jumps…

I have a jump left animation and have done all I can think of to trigger it but can’t get it to work.

A little help would be MOST appreciated!! :smiley:

Using a variable, keep track of which way your character is facing. When the jump key is pressed, you may then need to horizontally flip the sprite depending on the value of the aforementioned variable.

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Thanks MrMen, I added a variable but I have to tweak because he always jumps facing left now lol.

You steered me in the right direction and I do appreciate the help !!

Well now I have screwed the whole thing up. I am deleting all the jump commands and rethink the logic.

But I now know to create the variable and work off of that, so thanks again.

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From the description, it sounds like it’s calling the wrong animation. Share a screenshot of your Events screen so that people might see where the issue is.

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Thanks, but it is solved.