How do i control the position of object?

Hello guys .
I’m new here and i’m trying to learn some stuff.

I’m making a run game where you can change the player position when press on left button while running.
my problem is.

  1. I want to disable the change of position for a few seconds . for example when the character touch the pipe like super mario. I want to stop the left mouse button of changing the postion for a short time .

  2. I want to make you can change the position for a few times only .for example 4 times only

Thank you guys

I found the solution myself.
first problem
I used timer after that i used pause the timer.

In the second problem I used the variable.

but the only problem now is even if i touch the wall, for example, I can still press on the mouse and change the position before deactivating the mouse . Can someone help?

It would be easier to help if you showed your events.
You should toggle a variable when the mouse should be deactivated, and use that variable as condition for using the mouse.
Then use a timer or other to reset that variable whenever you want to.

Worked thank you <3

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