How do I create a chess board game?

Hello guys, i sincerely need a walk thru on how to create a chess board game.

I’d like to start with this type of game, before diving into games like Killer Bean.

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OMG… did you think about AI for the PC or just betting on some extension like “Chess AI”?

please, be more specific, walk thru about what aspect of the game?

how animate, how draw pieces, how write math expressions for game’s rules, or, the most difficult of the game, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for your virtual oppo?

BTW, i like play chess, very much. Very difficult to transpose in a simulated intelligence game.

Now that u’ve mentioned all these facts, i think it should focus on more simple games for the now. :grin:

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Start out small, people say this is easier than programming but ultimately it’s not that much different because it takes a mind for pretty tough problem solving.

Did you followed GDevelop’s tutorials for making shotemup or platform games? they are useful for sure.

An advice: try to clone an existing game, something “easy” like pacman, space invaders, pong or asteroids. you don’t need to have a plot of your own, so you can focus so how code the game.

when you’re ready, make your game.


U are very correct for sure.