How Do I Create A Cool Animated Selector For Options Menu?

Hey Community!

In the classic Nintendo games, you would have a little object to indicate where you were selecting. You would then move the selector up and down and sometimes it would have a slight animation to it. Here’s a screenshot and the code…

I’ve looked around, and I have been trying to figure it out myself, hence the horrible logic.

Thanks a million!

(EDIT) Just to clarify, when I mouse over an option, I would like the indicator to show up next to that moused over option, also I would like the indicator to slightly pan left and right (something like floating)

In this coding I set it to .5 which is 10x longer than what I actually want it to do. I did this in order to visually see how the code was reacting.


Almost! I got it to repeat the movement… I just realized I can just create an image, instead of using text… and then animate it in the loop.

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