How do I create a death screen

how do I create a death screen on Platformer so that if my character dies or falls off of the map a death screen will pop up with respawn (with a button to click on as I want to make this a mobile game)

These are very possible, so try to think about it.
What is “falls of the map” exactly? The player might need to be below a certain Y position - make a condition for it.
Same with death by enemy also. Collision with enemy while player is on floor maybe?
You can store whether the player has died or not with a variable.

To create a death screen, create a new layer (the layer icon is somewhere at top right), and then create the sprite object for the replay button.
For the events, create a “Touch is on replay button” condition, add “Trigger Once”, and use “Go to scene” action with same name as your current scene (it will restart).
But first, when the game begins, add “At the beginning of scene” condition, then hide the death screen layer. When the player dies, show the death screen layer, and hide the “Base layer”.

The most important thing is, explore the list of conditions and actions, google what you don’t know and use “Help for this action” button.

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