How do I create a Defender style endless, wrap around play area that shows the events on either side of the map when crossing over?

How would I make a camera follow the player through a wrapped play area, whilst still showing what is behind them on the other side of the map?

It’s hard for me to explain this clearly, but lets take the arcade game Defender as an example.

Defender’s play area is several screens long, but eventually wraps around on itself meaning that you can never hit a definitive edge…

This I can replicate with the screen wrap behaviour by setting the left and right borders of the behaviour to match those of the play area in question and making a camera that follows the player’s X axis…

However when the player crosses the line at either end of the play area they effectively teleport across the map to the other side, which is fine for just the player alone, but if anything was following the player (i.e. an enemy or enemy fire) then this will instantly disappear from the screen, as the camera has teleported in accordance with the player and those objects are on the other side of the play area.

Is it possible to display what is happening across the map, so that this transition seems more seamless?

And if so, how might I be able to do this?

Here are two examples that do same thing in a different way more or less

But my best idea is just to create and delete pieces of background where at some point you simply create your starting background
Imagine having 3 blocks and your player can stand on one
So if there is one block left from player and one right from it then 3rd block is right below player
Now player move to the right
And you delete left most block and create it next to right most block
More or less that is the idea of how it could be done