How Do I Create A Falling Bit Like Effect As In The Matrix With Custom Image Particles

So here is my particle emitters at the top of the screen:

The intention is to create a falling matrix like style effect. Here are the properties of the particle emitters:

But i cant seem to achieve the desired effect, can anyone help?

Hi, you need to set your spray cone angle to 0. This will make your particles go in a straight line. You can adjust the direction by rotating the particle emitter-object in the editor. Gravity is not necessary.
For getting closer to what you want you need to experiment a bit.

The original Matrix text effect has different numbers and letters and that’s only possible in Gdevelop if you have one emitter per number/letter.

For experimenting and seeing the changes in real time you can use PixiParticlesEditor
You can transfer a lot of parameters from there to the emitter in Gdevelop. The pixi-editor has more options though (e.g. having several particle images per emitter etc.).

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Thanks a lot, been waiting for a reply. Will try it out soon!