How do I create a multiple select containing different value

I wanna make a farm simulation game that needs a couple of fertilizers with different names. that fertilizer has different names and prices, Players can choose 2 of all available choices and can see their choice on the recap containing the name and total price.

so I created an event to fill the scene value (either JenisPupuk1 if the value is not filled or JenisPupuk2 if JenisPupuk1 is filled) if the object value is true, and reset the value to “kosong” if the object value is false or I call it unchecked on my game.

but I’m so confused why all of my actions are not being executed at once when the condition is true, this is my latest code:

Sorry guys I have three other screenshots but new user can only add 1 pic:(

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There may be code confliction. But in situations like this I separate my code to see if all of them works alone first. Then I unite them and works perfectly. You can try that. Good luck, hope this helps :slight_smile:

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:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Your events seem okay, so either your conditions are not met, either some other actions cancel the effects of the ones executed.
I like to use the “tint” action for sprites when I need to confirm that some events take place. You can also use the “log message to console” action along with the ctrl-shift-i console in preview.


Hello guys I forgot to post my solution. so I added “wait” to delay the code to avoid confliction, I just realized it happens at once even tho have a different condition.

It works! thanks for your advice, there are some code confliction happening in my code

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great advice, I’ll definitely use it

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