How do I create a Randomised weather system in my game?

I’ve been wondering whether, there’s been a breakthrough ing develop 5 community.
It’s just that I’ve been making a game with it’s own weather system. But I just can’t seem to make it work,
(Also I’m a beginner)

It maybe will be something like this:
If Value of SOMETHING timer is greater than SOMETHING second Then
Change the value of Weather = RandomI(3)
Reset timer SOMETHING

I don’t know if the random expression selects 0. If random don’t select to 0 then we might have to change the value of Weather = Random(4) instead of 3.

If the value of Variable Weather = 0 Then
Do Sunny

If the value of Variable Weather = 1 Then
Do Windy

And so on. Or was it that you asked how to make the raining effect and how to make the sunny effect and so on?

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asked politely, but do you already have your own weather system? that is, each time must have its own routines.

or are you talking about procedural weather systems?