How Do I Create a Really Simple Block Puzzle Game? Please help!

l am trying to develop a single, simple puzzle mini-level for my kids game. The problem is that the pieces dont smack into their positions when dragged near their designated positions. Also the Win Screen Layer is not showing. I am sharing screen shots of both the scene and the event scenes. I know, its pretty elementary, but do help me, nonetheless! Looking forward to your solutions!

The Event Sheet

The Scene

Looking forward to your help! :slight_smile:

IDK if this will fix it but you have several if all of these are true that don’t have any conditions inside them. I don’t believe an empty and will ever trigger. Events are “all must be true” by default. The and condition is really only useful with an or Try removing the empty **ANDs" if they’re not needed.

Let me check that out!Thanks for your help!

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I tried it out, but it doesnt work!

I don’t think your clamps will work. The syntax is clamp(value, minimum, maximum). The events have nothing but fixed numbers. The distance < 75 might be enough. If not, let us know. Your clamp condition could be replaced by
x > number
x < number
y > number
y < number


An example of clamp. This doesn’t apply to your project but this would keep the player inside (50-100,50-100)

Let me check and I’ll get back to you!

That doesnt work either! Here is the screenshot. Thanks for helping me out!!!

Yes! Its working now! Thanks a whole lot!!! :slight_smile: