How do I create a save/load system for a multiplayer game?

Hello, mates!

I would like to implement a load/save system on my game. I took some tutorials, and it does not seem to be hard. However, I got two troubles ahead:

  1. It’s a multiplayer game (multiplayer system is already implemented). I need to storage both clients datas and recover them on loading. I couldn’t find any material around. For now, the only variable that is different between the peers is the global variable I created to identify peers. Idk, maybe the rest of data could be stored on Host…
  2. There are different types of data to be storaged: objects positions and frames; instance variables; global variables; arrays (like inventory).

Any help will be very useful!

Observation: I recently migrated from Construct to GDevelop. On Construct, save and load is very simple. You just tell the game to save, and it storages ALL current data. Same for load. I think it’s not that simple on Gdevelop, is it? :sweat_smile:

Thanks! :grinning:


#2 is not a problem, data is just data.
#1… oof. What multiplayer system are you using? Do you need cloud storage or local storage?

Here’s the multiplayer system if you want to look how it works. I took multiplayer example from GemDev and made some changes.

#2 ok, but, is it possible for 2 players game to resume their progress?
#1 Local, I think on host local, probably…

Well, if you want to save locally, no matter the multiplayer system you chose, you can use the Storage or Filesystem features.
I don’t see any problem with resuming progress, solo or multiplayer.

There’s a save-load example you can check for a demonstration of the Storage instructions.


I will try to implement it, and if I get it, I come back to tell you. Thanks again!

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