How do I create a Surprise Box

Is it possible to create something like a surprise box, treasure box or a pinata to unlock items in a game?
I mean… to unlock the items of the game I would need to buy a box that gives me a random locked item…
Is there any way?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you want to Archieve. Could you be more precise please? I am not sure I understand if you want to create a “chest spawn system” or an inventory system or many other interpretations. Whatever it is, if it is nothing technical like 3d you should be able to do it in GDevelop. How to do it? That is up to you. GDevelop let’s you create games without having to learn a programming language, but it does not mean it can just know what you exactly want. You’ll have to do it yourself. If there is a more specific thing you are not sure/don’t know about, try the wiki, and if you didn’t find an answer there or if you have made events and don’t understand why they don’t work, feel free to ask here, but I am afraid nobody can answer such a wage question.