How do i create an explosion with physics

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How do I…

I’m trying to make an explosion with physics

I’m new and I’m not too sure how i should go about doing it…
Does anyone know?

Anyone?? I’m not too sure if the explosion force extension works

The explosion extension works for me.

3 objects
newsprite (no behavior)
pieces (physics, tween and destroy outside behaviors)
floor ( static physics)
I added the explosion and the slice into pieces extensions

try me:


It doesn’t seem to work

Make sure the objects are close enough. If the bomb is 100x100 the a radius of 100 would be the size of the bomb plus 50px assuming the x,y point was in the center of the bomb. Try increasing the distance. In my test, the only physics setting I changed was making the floor static.

Make sure lifetime is being exceed. IDK which behavior that is. Also, the always conditions aren’t needed. Anything without a condition is triggered on each frame.

The objects are near each other, but dont have any reaction, they all have physics enabled too

The behaviour is from the advanced projectile extension

I looked at the behavior. Are you using the destroy after distance? Maybe it’s being deleted too soon. Is there a value set for lifetime? It’s in seconds.

The lifetime is 4 seconds and no, I’m not using “destroy after distance”. I tested the event but replaced the condition with mouse clicked, It doesn’t seem to do anything

I don’t know what to say. My test project has that one event although the objects are on top if it. Did you change the physics settings? Maybe, lower the target zone. When you tried it with the mouse did you also use the cursor x,y for the target location? Add a bunch of target objects and see what happens when you click around them.

Alright, I tweaked the max power and it has an effect on the targets, although after a while the bomb’s explosion has no effect anymor
Edit: I fixed it, thanks for the help!

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