How Do I create an interactive wheel?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to create an interactive wheel the user can turn either clockwise or counter clock wise 360 degrees with the center point being set to a specific place on the screen?

Are after one where the player uses arrow keys to rotate? Or where they click and drag the mouse and the rotation is based on the mouse’s position? Or something else?

the link above is what i have so far. if the user touches or overs their mouse over one of the green circles the wheel turns clockwise. but its really choppy. I’m trying to get it to spin freely when a user swipes on the wheel up down left or right and spin in either direction. then stop again when then user touches it again.

I’m toying with physics engine to try figuring this out. if you want, i can put the project online and we can colab on this.

the graphics suck, but their just for testing purposes

Here’s a snip of events that I’ve used to rotate a dial around it’s centre. I think it should help you achieve what you’re after:

And this it what it looks like in action. There are 3 parts to the image - the safe, the black dial and the reset button. The black dial is the bit that spins.


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Thank ya much. I was making more complicated than it had to be