How do I create moving clouds?

I’d like to make clouds that are randomly sized, travel at different (random) speeds, spawn off-screen, and move horizontally in one direction?
(Or instead of spawning off-screen, it would be great to have them fade in anywhere on the screen, then fade out after a random period of time, though this isn’t necessary.)
How can I do this? I’m a complete beginner so I’d really appreciate a simple but detailed explanation!

Hi, welcome on board.

For a complete beginner it is really advisable to make one or two of the tutorials even though they do not represent the game genre you are interested in. They will give you an idea of how the engine works and how to implement some of the mechanics you asked for. GDevelop 5 tutorials - GDevelop documentation

Aside from that there is also a collection of starters and examples that demonstrate how some of the mechanics you need can be implemented.



Thank you! Your reply is so detailed and helpful, this is what I was looking for!

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