How do i create my own music if i don't want to pay for it?

i want music in my game but i don’t want to pay, so does anyone know how to add your own music?

Search the internet for free music. There are a plethora of sites that offer music free for game usage that only require a mention and/or link in your game credits.

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If you ask for free software in which you can create music then i suggest LMMS

If you want to use free music for which you don’t need to pay


but how do i get the music into gdevelop?


First load / create the music file to your computer (must be .MP3 or .OGG format). As @ZeroX4 mentioned, LMMS is a great tool, I have also used it.

Then add the action “Play a sound” (with the condition “in the beginning of the secne”). Select the music file from your computer:

There is also an action “Play a music”, but I think it’s more recommended to use “Play a sound”.

If you want to modify the music volume during the play (e.g. you have settings screen where the player is able to adjust the volume), then use “Play a sound on channel”. It works otherwise similarly, but there you can define the channel identifier (just a number you choose). With that identifier you can make changes to the sound, e.g. volume, pitch etc. just by referring the channel identifier.

If you want to play the same music from one scene to another, check this scene setting:


Very good place to find free music is (yes, Pixabay contains also music and sound effects!). Also contains some full music pieces, but mostly it’s the place where you find the sound effects.

This is also worth checking: and, the game music composer from Lithuania. Some of the music is free, and also the rest are very affordable. Btw. this was non-paid advertisement, I just like his/her music. :wink:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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do i need mp3 file’s or doesn’t it matter witch type of file i use?

Have a nosey through the GDEvelop audio documentation and try is out.

You will have best experience with AAC files since they are most widely supported over many different devices
For example MP3 files will not play on some borwsers/phones

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.MP3 and .OGG file formats are at least supperted in GDevelop. WAV is not recommended, because they are unpacked.

From Pixabay they are already in MP3 format. Instead, if you download sound effects from Freesound, the files might be also in .WAV or .FLAC files, and those require converting. My recommendation for conversion tool is Audacity (open source software). There you can also modify the file, e.g. crop it and normalize the volume.

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Yo thanks, I needed a tool to make music that didn’t sound like it came from an obscure platformer on the SNES, released in 1995.

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Personally, My games have worked fine with MP3’s and OGG’s for music, and WAV for SFX, although this is just me personal experience.

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ZapSplat is a good site for free music and sound effects.

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You could always go the AI generated music route, with or
They both can both create something pretty amazing tunes.

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You can download free soundfonts with the instruments you want. Then you can add them to an LMMS project (or any DAW you are using). Also, there are a lot of free VST plugins. But you need to take time to listen to all of them or to watch videos that demonstrate them.

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