How do I create NTSC filter?

Hello its me again.
I wonder if there is a way to create a NTSC filter in Gdevelop?
I need it for my platformer that is based off old systems and I need it to create that old retro feeling.
Thanks for help!

(The NTSC filter is a filter that imitates a blur of the old games (NTSC filter is also used in Petscop)

There are examples:

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Not exactly NTSC, but there is a CRT layer effect. You can mix it with a Split RGB layer effect and get something very similar to NTSC (maybe better).

Hello, thanks for responding.
I tried it but it sadly dont look at least close to the filter, maybe you know the options to make it?
Its ok if you dont, thanks.

You can play with filters parameters to achieve different variations of the effects.

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