How do I create some nice music for my Witchy platformer and add it to the game?


Using AI I’ve created left and right facing Witch sprites, and a cool background for a flying Witch platform game, similar in a way to Magical Delicacy which is out on Xbox Game Pass some time this week apparently.

Here’s all the stuff, I just need some nice music for the game.

How I do I make it/add it to the game?

1 Like has tons of nice music has tons of sounds in general - be sure to filter your search results by what kind of licensing you approve of
Audacity is great for editing sounds
LMMS is great for stuff Audacity can’t do
Um…AI music maker?? If there is one you can give it a try.

How to add the music to your game? I’m gonna let someone with more experience handle that part.

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You ate so enthusiast about ai there is a ai named music gan ai it could create music for you just make sure to check put there license for thr music and etc.

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