How do i design first person enemy/player projectiles (like snes doom)

im trying to build something along the lines of a first person shooter where the projectiles fly at you in a 2d doom like fashion but i dont really know how to go about setting up the path/timing of the projectiles. any advise on where to start?

Hi, just an idea how to get some inspiration. There is a cool space sim demo made with Gdevelop called Dragonfly. There is no combat but the way how planets and asteroids move and increase their size when flying in direction of the player is probably something that could be useful. It is all done by tweens.

For projectiles you would just need to increase the speed (for tweens decreasing the time). The video of the demo is here: Dragonfly - Gdevelop space simulation demo - YouTube and in the description you can find the link for downloading the project.


Awesome! thanks 4 the help bro.

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